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Project Integrator for Distribution Testing

Using an approved outside testing lab, we act as the project integrator for thermal packaging design, qualification, transport simulation and thermal profile analysis. We can provide all or part of any of the following services:

Onsite at shipping and receiving sites as well as testing lab

Project Management – managing meetings, minutes and timelines

Generate Process Map and User Requirements (product and functional)

Author protocols, review data and author final reports

Tech transfer to shipping site including SOP review and training

Able to fully assist in onsite performance qualification activities

Support integrating into a continuous verification program


Audit test labs for certification to ISTA Standard 20

General facility compliance audits in the scope of distribution operations and testing

Staff Augmentation

Add staff to your team when additional skills are required.

Fill gaps with specialized staffing services reducing the cost of acquiring new skills under aggressive timelines.

Other Consulting Services

Development of standard operating procedures

Establishment of a Transport Qualification Program

Includes the creation of overall program (your Tool Box) and the development of each Tool (Risk Assessment, Templates, Change Control, etc)

Establishment of a Product Transport Qualification Program

Introducing New Technology